Senior Living- Quality explained as customer

Seeing my loved one happy and knowing that everyday is not promised; the staff strives to give them a good Day , is quality.

Individualized care and allowing them to have a voice is important as well. Asking my loved one to adhere to your regimen makes it more difficult to adjust to the necessity of alternative placement. They are human and have worked hard all their lives. I can assure you Senior Living was not their retirement plan. I recall an individual living in a senior living facility with Alzheimer’s saying “ I worked hard all my life. I bought a home to retire and die in. I lost everything . What the heck was my hard efforts fo?” I responded “ I definitely understand how you can feel that way. I’m at an age where I’m trying to put things in place to prepare for my senior life journey of “what if’s. “ and at the end of the day I don’t know what path it will take, I just trust that I will accept the path God ordains for my life.. The Senior gentleman patted me on the back and said “ Your right it’s where God takes us and I guess that’s why I’m here.

Senior Living does not have to feel like institutional living.

Quality is allowing my loved one to live a life of normalcy as much as possible. Regardless of where their life journey takes them mentality or physically; having a choice is quality in care.